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UR Protects You in Three Ways:

Focusing on three axes—security, anti-tracking and anti-profiling—we explain how UR protects your privacy and keeps you safe online.


1. Security: Protected from viruses and malware.

Files are scanned for viruses

  • Dangerous files are clearly marked in red for you to review.

Websites are forced to be more secure

  • UR forces websites to use the secure HTTPS protocol where possible.

 You are alerted to dangerous websites

  • Websites that are suspected of malware or phishing will automatically trigger a warning so you can exit quickly without harm.

We use higher encryption than other browsers

  • We have increased the RSA key size to 2048 bits to keep you even safer, especially when transferring sensitive data or using video conferencing services.

2. Anti-tracking: No tracking without your consent.

Third-party cookies and invisible trackers are blocked from grabbing your information

  • Third-party cookies and invisible trackers are used for advertising, social media platforms, analytics and more. These can provide personal information to third parties, such as your browsing and search history.

Block ads with one click

  • A built-in ad blocker lets you block ads that could otherwise grab sensitive information about you from your search and browsing history.

Secure code without tracking from Google

  • Chromium is the code that powers UR (also used in Chrome, Yandex, Vivaldi, Opera and more) because it is very secure and frequently updated. We use the best bits of the code, but remove anything that reports back to Google, who originally created it.

Search provider that respects your privacy

  • Qwant provides an alternate search engine that does not track its users, serve targeted ads, or store search history.

We must abide by strict EU privacy laws

  • UR is 100% European. Not that we mind doing it anyway—but EU law requires us to protect our users’ right to privacy.

3. Anti-Profiling: Data sellers can’t aggregate your data and create deep profiles.

Third-party cookies and trackers are blocked from identifying you

  • Used for advertising, social media platforms, analytics and more, third party cookies and trackers can identify you as you browse.

We stop information from being shared without you knowing

  • Because UR blocks all third-party cookies, your information cannot be shared between websites. When information is shared between companies, all your activities across the web are combined and a deep profile is created about you that can later be sold.

A built-in VPN helps you stay anonymous

  • UR includes a virtual private network (VPN), which creates a secure “tunnel” for your data so you can surf the web and transfer data in privacy.

Imagine you’re seeking treatment for alcoholism.

Do you want this information shared to the highest bidder?

All the websites you’ve visited, all the searches you’ve made, all the social media pages you’ve begun to follow…without any protection, they are up for grabs.

Imagine what could happen if any of these entities found out:

  • Insurance companies
  • Employers
  • Banks

Would your rates increase? Would your employer think of you differently? Would your bank deny a loan?

You deserve to tell your story. Not your data.


UR is a browser focused on protecting user privacy. How safe is your data? Learn more.