>> Version 55.1.2883.X (PC/Mac) <<

Privacy improvements

  • Websites forced to use HTTPS where possible
  • Search bar suggestions removed
  • History and cookie import from previous browsers removed

Advanced Privacy Mode

  • Ninja Mode (private browsing) now lets you have Ninja tabs next to normal tabs
  • Websites you often visit in Ninja Mode can be added to the Ninja List
  • Any website in the Ninja List will automatically load in Ninja Mode, so no search or browsing history is saved
  • UR logo and Ninja tab turn black for easy recognition

More efficient downloads

  • Downloads can now be found in the Download Manager, where they are separated by file type
  • Search bar helps you quickly find your downloaded files
  • Now localized in DE/ES/FR/PT

News widget on the Homescreen is now more reader-friendly

  • News tiles are slightly smaller and closer to the Moods
  • When you click on a category, the widget now moves up a bit so you can see more stories at a time

AdControl now blocks even more ads

  • Filter lists updated
  • Bug where blacklist was reset fixed

Shield is cleaner and less complicated

  • Design overhaul
  • Removed third-party rating system for websites

Websites improvements

Other stuff

  • Customization gallery updated with lots of new, HD wallpapers
  • Games feature removed due to privacy concerns; Games Mood discontinued
  • Improved localizations
  • Bug fixes, bug fixes and some more bug fixes

Download the beta: https://www.ur-browser.com

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