Since the launch of the new beta, we’ve had several emails and comments from Mac users who have trouble downloading all the features. This is the beta that is currently found on the UR website.

If you’re not seeing Shield, AdControl, Ninja or Downloader (or perhaps seeing multiple versions of them), it is because you already have a previous version of UR installed on your computer.

Rest assured, we are working on fixing this! In the meantime, we recommend that you carry out a total reinstallation of UR, so that no elements is left from a previous version.

Steps for a total reinstallation of UR

Step 1: Download and open AppCleaner, a free program that will delete not only the app, but any other folder associated with it so that *everything* is erased.

Step 2: Open a Finder window and click on your username (look for the house).

Step 3: Go to the Applications folder in your username. Drag UR to AppCleaner and check all the boxes. Select Remove.

Step 4: Open Library – to see this hidden folder, you will need to hold down the shift or option key, depending on your country’s keyboard.

Step 5: In Library, find the folder Application Support.

Step 6. In Application Support, find the folder UR Browser.

Step 7. Drag the UR Browser folder into Trash.

Step 8. Empty the Trash.

All done!

You can now download UR from the website, and all the features will appear normally.

Thanks for your patience! We are working to fix this 🙂

/UR Team