If we think about how the internet functioned in the past ten or fifteen years, it may seem very different from how it functions now. This is because as the world of technology has expanded, the need for more secretive and private matters has also increased.

Nowadays, the concept of digital privacy has become very popular and important in the cyber world. Due to this, very extensive information is available on the World Wide Web.

The most important website to gain information about this topic is from Wikipedia. The digital privacy Wikipedia page contains information about all the types of privacy and any kind of data breaches that may cause harm.

Digital Privacy Websites

A lot of digital privacy information can be found on various websites across the internet as well as information on different digital privacy tools for mobile phones and desktops or laptops.

Many of these websites also include tips to increase internet privacy for individuals and companies. 

Alongside these websites, many books and pdf’s have been introduced on the internet to further expand knowledge on the concept of digital and internet privacy and the use of virtual private networks. Moreover, some private browsing software such as the UR-Browser also has separate blogs on their websites in order to increase the knowledge of internet users about maintaining the privacy and security of their personal data and search history.

Digital Privacy Week 

Other than websites and information found on the internet, a digital privacy week has been set every year in order to increase awareness about the importance of internet privacy. The 2019 theme for digital privacy week was related to the theory that the risk of internet fraud is higher to more marginalized groups who are more vulnerable to such matters.

During digital privacy week, many famous authors of books related to the topic are invited to discuss different views on internet privacy and how they should be maintained. One of the more popular books may be “Digital Privacy: Theory, Technology and Practices” which was published in 2007 and discusses the rights that internet users have regarding privacy and security on the web. Digital privacy, theory, technology and practices pdf version is also available on the internet.

The topics of cybercrime and cyberbullying are also two very essential topics that are discussed between groups attending the event. Furthermore, digital privacy problems and later their solutions are talked about to help various parties face and resolve any difficulties.

Some popular private browsing software like the UR-Browser are also mentioned during the discussion to help viewers search for and choose the best options to ensure that their data and personal information is perfectly safe and not at the risk of being used against their will.

Digital Privacy Topics

There is a very wide range of topics that are included when discussing digital privacy and internet security. With the introduction and rapid expansion of smart devices such as home surveillance systems and smart appliances, the data privacy of users is always at risk. Issues like this should be widely talked about in order to give users a wider view of these devices. Some of the other topics may include the following.

  • The issues of anonymity

Remaining anonymous on the internet is one of the biggest concerns of internet users and digital privacy. Any abusive language and actions cannot be traced down because the use of private browsers and virtual private networks hide the anon’s location and IP address.

  • Public records on the web

In previous years if one wanted to access any government or legal records such as texts of a divorce case in a court, they would have to travel to a government office and put in some kind of request to view them. Nowadays, because all records are available on the internet, this hectic process does not have to be done. However, all private information such as the divorce case’s data will be accessed by anyone who wishes, this may also include private information about family history or financial data.

Digital Privacy Tips

There are some tips and tricks available for users’ to increase their digital privacy whether it is for an individual or for different companies and their online privacy.

First and foremost, if the individual or company has social media accounts, it is best to check the privacy settings on those accounts in order to ensure that the public cannot access each and every bit of information.

Secondly, the individual or company should avoid tracking websites. In order to do this, a private browser or a virtual private network can be installed and downloaded on mobile phones or desktops and PCs. This can be done by using a private browser like UR-Browser which comes with a VPN that helps to hide the IP address and location of the user.

Digital Privacy Trends

Trends in data privacy and cybersecurity are frequently changing, each year new trends are introduced that many individuals and companies begin to follow. In contrast, however, some of these trends may be more on the side of harmful activities.

  • Increased Surveillance

It is said that in 2019 and onwards, there will be more tracking of internet users than ever before. This is because, with a higher rate of cybercrime, authorities have decided to track more internet users in order to reduce these rates.

  • Increased Threats To Data

Similarly, the higher threats to data privacy may result in companies and individuals retaining very less information online. This, however, may not be a very popular trend as it would mean storing data by other means.

Digital Privacy Ted Talk

Next, to the digital privacy week and informative websites, there have been many Ted Talks about the concept of internet privacy and data security. Some of these Ted Talks included topics about how companies may sell your personal information and data for marketing purposes as well as the importance of digital privacy.

Many well-renowned technologists and engineers have spoken regarding the matter of digital privacy with some even discussing new ventures that will allow complete and utter privacy on the internet.