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Month: September 2019

4 digital privacy tools you need to be using now

This recent years weren’t so good for the digital forensic privacy. In fact, just like the previous one, this year had few of the highly egregious data breaches of the history. Till now, the very infamous one was the scandal of Cambridge analytica of the Facebook. In 2018, March it was found that during 2015 the firm for the Trump campaign paid for scraped data of Facebook for around 87-Million users for better influencing the voters in the upcoming elections.

However, during that, the scandal of Cambridge analytica was the biggest one. And other than these unauthorized breaches— the breaches everyone knows about— every tech based company virtually continued to get sucked up as more of the data as possible in the world during 2018, from Facebook to Google, which now can sell the browsing data to the advertisers. And this isn’t to mention the governments around the globe which throughout the year pressured the tech giants continually for weakening privacy features such as encryption.

In fact, you probably feel as you are uninteresting and insignificant and don’t have anything to hide, however every tech based company, government agency, and hacker virtually begs to vary. This is an excellent reason for relying on various digital for privacy tactics if you haven’t already. For keeping data safe, use these tools now!


Virtual private network or VPN is the digital privacy guardian, which routes every kind of the traffic on internet using a secured server that conceals where you did browse – and even your location. While using VPN, not even the ISP must be able of seeing the sites that you visit. However, each VPN software are not made equally – and although, there exists many of the free VPNs out there, probably you may want of going with one, which charges you, monthly and ensures a premium service and no incentive to sell your data. Always remember, anyone having server can easily set up the VPN service – and there exist a lot of shady small time free VPNs operated by one or more companies. Such companies may promise the high quality, nameless VPN service, however you will require of taking that on point as there exist no way which you can use if they are actually collecting the online activities or not.

Paid VPN firms are generally much more trustworthy and make their digital privacy policies and digital privacy act fines so that you can see exactly what data they have stored for you. You may want of going for VPN providers without logs, the service which doesn’t keep records of the internet activity. Among these experts are private internet access VPN, Express VPN and UR browser VPN that offers a free test/trial.

The privacy-focused browser

Till now, the amazing browser made around the digital privacy is the UR browser, which is made for an open source project. It doesn’t collect or store the browsing data, rather blocks the trackers and even upgrades automatically to HTTPS to have secure and encrypted communications. It can be used on mobiles also. There are some other options too, like Opera, Firefox, Brave, privacy-based Apple’s Safari etc. Primarily, any of such browsers are better than Chrome in terms of digital privacy as the Google’s browser – a highly popular one – which tracks a large amount of the data regarding your activities and you.

Many browsers also provide a support for ad blocking, which is another great option if the browser doesn’t provide this capability. Ghostery and Privacy badger block trackers fully and are available free of cost. On mobiles: you may need an ad blocking browser such as Firefox focus for androids and safari for iOS to support extensions such as iBlocker.

And as you search on google which can show a lot regarding you, you must ditch it using a privacy centric searching engine. Each modern desktop as well as mobile browser gets an option of setting a default search. Also, it is possible to handle the digital privacy settings on browser, beginning with switching off 3rd party cookies. The National Cyber Security Alliance provides a webpage having info regarding privacy settings for many digital privacy services and browsers while there is a guide by the University of Texas about digital privacy settings for social media to solve digital forensics privacy issues.

A secured messaging app

The Messaging apps which have end-to-end encryption can prevent third-parties, also the companies which run the service of messaging from getting your messages. A main standard in securing the messaging app is the Signal. This app is highly user friendly like many other messaging apps offered by many digital privacy groups – though it doesn’t own every whistle and bell as there are in the Facebook Messenger.

Talking about which, stop messaging through Facebook Messenger. The messages aren’t just encrypted; however, Facebook reads them for targeting you with the ads. if your friend and you don’t want of having Signal, choose some other sort of encrypted apps for messaging like WhatsApp or Apple’s iMessaage. Always remember that Facebook owns WhatsApp and its original owner have left it now due to disagreements over Facebook’s planning about the app.

A password management

Many people utilize the same weaker passwords on each site they visit to, or have 4 to 5 passwords which they alter between. Probably, they are likely of sharing few of these passwords with their friends also. Never do this. Using only some of the passwords means that whichever gets 1 credential can utilize it for logging in your account. You require to have some unique, and strong password for each site you use.

For doing that, you may need assistance from various machines. Passwords management can save and create unique passwords, very complicated passwords for filling in at websites for logging in – depending on one highly strong key or master password. Few of the amazing password managers are 1Password and Dashlane. And for the iOS 12 and macOS Mojave, Apple’s Safari and UR browser has offered a free password manager. In case, you are already using one, it will be best to use 2-factor authentication by digital privacy government, on every important site or service you visit.

Personal and Secure Privacy Focused Browser

Technology has been advancing and evolving so rapidly like the speed of light. Since the 1980s when the Internet has been made known through the World Wide Web (WWW), the electronic devices that we are holding onto right now, have also become more compact and user-friendly as possible.

Uses of the Internet

These days, many are seen with their portable electronic devices when they are strolling around, walking, jogging, etc. Students will find the need to use the Internet to gather information for their research and assignments. Teachers and other professionals also require connecting to the Internet to collate and prepare the necessary documents for their work. Many of us have also replaced certain essentials like alarm clocks, wall clocks, watches, table calendars, notepads, and many more, with our mobile devices. Embedded with many functions in this compact electronic device, it not only helps us to sort our daily tasks and lifestyles accordingly and orderly. It also makes use of the Internet connection to link up with the connections through the virtual world and allows us to get to know more friends online.

Internet Norms and News

When comes to the idea of surfing online, many of us will just open a public web browser from Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc., regardless of the settings of the web browser being secure or unprotected. In fact, this is not highly recommended by the Information Technology security experts, as they have realized that most cyber threats and virtual crimes have been on the rise, as there is not enough public awareness on how to protect themselves from such new and virtual threats. In other words, the public like us, we are vulnerable to them.

Introduction on Private Browsing

To have ourselves and virtual data protected, security experts and professionals have often recommended and even educated to the public to make use of the private browsing tools that can be found in most of our web browsers. These tools on the web browsers are embedded with private browser enabled. Sometimes, we may find that the private browsing button is missing, or some web browsers do not have available private browser, the simplest solution is to replace the existing web browser to a new one, namely UR Browser.

How to Get UR-Browser Private Browsing?

We can search and download the private browser exe package file from the Internet. After the download is done, the exe package file can be extracted and run for installation. This does not involve any cost for downloading and installation, and UR Browser also has enabled the private browser to download for PC. Not only that, but it also allows users to download these private browsers for free for their phones, as their private browsers are compatible with Android and iPhone operating systems.

Why Use UR-Browser Private Browsing?

  • Personalized Settings

Unlike other web browsers, UR Browser creates its browsers, especially focused on security and privacy. They make sure that the private browser command is user-friendly to all their users and allows users to customize the browser according to their preferences, especially on the browser background and settings.

  • Security Optimization on Privacy

Being able to personalize to their users’ preferences is not their only feature, they also help to protect our electronic devices at the same time while we are surfing online. UR Browser private browser has Chromium in implementation, so this will help to strengthen the private browsing experience and block off all the in-built trackers by other software like Google. Such powerful private browser like this also heightens the security level and protects our online information while surfing through the Internet, as it is capable to cordon off unrecognized and suspicious cookies that come from third party websites.

  • UR-Browser Promises

UR-Browser sets its beliefs and values on allowing the users to have full control over the authorization of online information privacy. They even reassure as their commitments to all users that data on UR Browser will not be sold to anyone, but only collect a small amount of data for technical issues like crash reports or errors, for expedited repairs and to improve their browsers. This small amount of data collected will totally remain unknown and anonymous, hence even the technicians, who are proceeding with the repairs or improvements, will not know who the data belongs to and thus being protected from misuse. In addition, they are relatively picky about who they should embark their partnerships with. UR Browser will only select trustworthy partners to build relationships with, and these partners must have a credible background on the European Union (EU) privacy laws obligation.

  • First Impression on Homepage Screen

With UR Browser, users will never ever get to read any pieces of fake news or information anymore. Their private browsers’ homepage screen is displayed with all the recent news and information – all retrieved from well-known and reputable news publishers and companies. Most of these news reporting sites are from the European broadcasting agencies and their content quality is set to be showcased as the factual truth.

  • For Download Lovers

Downloading videos, songs, movies, and many other files or documents are not a rare sight any longer. It is sure that all of us is guilty of doing so. However, only a handful of us will mass download many different types of documentation and items simultaneously and often grumble that the downloading speed is so slow like a tortoise. Well, the existence of UR Browser is definitely a wonderful piece of news for all download lovers. With its state-of-the-art technology, users get to receive their downloads at least four times faster than other existing browsers. The files, that are meant to be downloaded, are said to be defragmented into small parts during downloading, hence increasing the speed for all the concurrent downloads. Not only that, after downloading, there are times whereby we are not able to find the downloaded files and must spend more time re-downloading them again. However, private browsers for UR Browser are so user-friendly that they have automatically these downloaded files into a Download Manager bar, for us to find and view all at a glance.

With UR Browser, everything will be done for you in an instant and most importantly, at the most secure privacy protection level.

Private Browsing, Internet Security and Their Features All Across The World Wide Web

As most, if not all, internet users already know, Private browsing and internet security go hand in hand when browsing the World Wide Web.  This is because private browsing does ultimately lead to the user’s data and personal information is secured and removes the risk of it being seen by third-party hackers or groups that may sell this information for marketing purposes.

Downloading A Private Browser

Private browsing modes can be enabled when using a built-in web browser such as the most popular, Google Chrome or Safari, they even are very easy to use as they only require a few steps to be taken by the internet user each time they search such things that require the deletion of search history or when they do not wish for the browser to record or save their usernames or passwords.

However, one thing to note is that these built-in web browsers and their private browsing modes may not be as effective as separate web browsing software such as the UR Browser which enable users to reach next level security in terms of data privacy. Moreover, this browsing software also contains a virtual private network (VPN) service which allows the users to access websites and applications that may otherwise be banned in certain countries or areas.

There may be some cases where such private browsing software may not be available on a basic application store, this is when the internet user should use private browser download apk version. For some devices, the Google Play Store may not offer certain applications to be installed, thus, downloads of e-private browser apk can be used.

The Dark Web and Private Browsers

The Dark Web is a part of the internet or the World Wide Web that purely exists on entities known as the darknet and contains websites and applications that although operated by the internet require authorization or access to specific software. The dark web gives users access to many illegal things that may be punishable by several years in prison and of fines if caught by the FBI or other authorities. This is where private browsers for dark web come in.

Now it is important to note that these browsers are not the same as web browsers such as the UR Browser as these are technically illegal when they are used to search illegal terms.

Some of these browsers may be Tor, Subgraph OS, Waterfox and more. Again, it is highly important to note that these browsers are actually illegal when used for illegal purposes.

Hidden Private Browsers

There may be sometimes when you or any user want to use a private browser but do not wish to disclose to anyone that you, in fact, are using such a browser. If this case ever occurs, you always have the option of using a private browser calculator.

Although the name sounds rather odd, it is actually a very effective application. This allows users to install a private browser that disguises itself as a calculator in your phone, thus, to another person or outsider, it will seem like the private browser application is actually a calculator application. This, however, only comes with a very limited number of private browsers as internet browsers such as the UR Browser may not offer this specification just yet.

Private Browsing and Other Non-Related Features

First of all, we will be discussing the Jio phone of India and private browsing in JioPhone. Like the heading says, most of these features and concepts will be unrelated, but, will help to enhance your knowledge on private browsing and internet security.

The JioPhone is a smartphone from India with 4G network availability and other features at a very cheap price.

The problem of private browsing in this even arose, however, this has been solved and solutions can be found throughout the World Wide Web. There are many videos on the internet that explain to JioPhone users how to exactly open an incognito or hidden web browser page on their phones. Moreover, third-party web browsing software such as Opera or Firefox can also be installed on the JioPhone for better and high-quality services.

Private Browsing Detection

Many times, people use the internet and are casually browsing without realizing that they are using a private web browser instead of a normal web browser. Some software engineers have thought of and designed certain software to detect private browsing in JavaScript however, there is not yet one that is very popular and effective.

Similarly, some developers have also created a minor code that allows users to detect private browsing in jQuery. Again, however, this is done by only some people as not many internet users know of this method.

Firefox, the popular web browsing software has also been a victim to this problem which resulted in users searching the World Wide Web for solutions on detecting the Firefox private browsing by JavaScript. This may be because the private mode on the Firefox web browser tends to block certain things which may include rest calls to an API.

Private Browsing and Windows

Windows and private browsing has been discussed previously, however, it is always better to discuss more as Windows and private browsers have a lot of history and future together. Although the software industry of Windows has reached up to Windows 10, a very large number of users are still accustomed to the Windows 7 version.

Some of the best private browsers for Windows 7 may include, Tor, Brave, Pale Moon, Waterfox, Firefox and many more.

Getting to the end of this article, let us discuss the private browser meaning. Private browsing is not limited to your search history not being recorded, but it also includes cookies and other tracking devices not being able to detect your location, your search engine not selling off data for advertising and marketing purposes, being able to access all kinds of websites (both banned and not banned) and, having an extra layer of security to make it extremely hard, if not impossible, for hackers or third-parties to access any kind of personal data and information of the internet user.

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