As most, if not all, internet users already know, Private browsing and internet security go hand in hand when browsing the World Wide Web.  This is because private browsing does ultimately lead to the user’s data and personal information is secured and removes the risk of it being seen by third-party hackers or groups that may sell this information for marketing purposes.

Downloading A Private Browser

Private browsing modes can be enabled when using a built-in web browser such as the most popular, Google Chrome or Safari, they even are very easy to use as they only require a few steps to be taken by the internet user each time they search such things that require the deletion of search history or when they do not wish for the browser to record or save their usernames or passwords.

However, one thing to note is that these built-in web browsers and their private browsing modes may not be as effective as separate web browsing software such as the UR Browser which enable users to reach next level security in terms of data privacy. Moreover, this browsing software also contains a virtual private network (VPN) service which allows the users to access websites and applications that may otherwise be banned in certain countries or areas.

There may be some cases where such private browsing software may not be available on a basic application store, this is when the internet user should use private browser download apk version. For some devices, the Google Play Store may not offer certain applications to be installed, thus, downloads of e-private browser apk can be used.

The Dark Web and Private Browsers

The Dark Web is a part of the internet or the World Wide Web that purely exists on entities known as the darknet and contains websites and applications that although operated by the internet require authorization or access to specific software. The dark web gives users access to many illegal things that may be punishable by several years in prison and of fines if caught by the FBI or other authorities. This is where private browsers for dark web come in.

Now it is important to note that these browsers are not the same as web browsers such as the UR Browser as these are technically illegal when they are used to search illegal terms.

Some of these browsers may be Tor, Subgraph OS, Waterfox and more. Again, it is highly important to note that these browsers are actually illegal when used for illegal purposes.

Hidden Private Browsers

There may be sometimes when you or any user want to use a private browser but do not wish to disclose to anyone that you, in fact, are using such a browser. If this case ever occurs, you always have the option of using a private browser calculator.

Although the name sounds rather odd, it is actually a very effective application. This allows users to install a private browser that disguises itself as a calculator in your phone, thus, to another person or outsider, it will seem like the private browser application is actually a calculator application. This, however, only comes with a very limited number of private browsers as internet browsers such as the UR Browser may not offer this specification just yet.

Private Browsing and Other Non-Related Features

First of all, we will be discussing the Jio phone of India and private browsing in JioPhone. Like the heading says, most of these features and concepts will be unrelated, but, will help to enhance your knowledge on private browsing and internet security.

The JioPhone is a smartphone from India with 4G network availability and other features at a very cheap price.

The problem of private browsing in this even arose, however, this has been solved and solutions can be found throughout the World Wide Web. There are many videos on the internet that explain to JioPhone users how to exactly open an incognito or hidden web browser page on their phones. Moreover, third-party web browsing software such as Opera or Firefox can also be installed on the JioPhone for better and high-quality services.

Private Browsing Detection

Many times, people use the internet and are casually browsing without realizing that they are using a private web browser instead of a normal web browser. Some software engineers have thought of and designed certain software to detect private browsing in JavaScript however, there is not yet one that is very popular and effective.

Similarly, some developers have also created a minor code that allows users to detect private browsing in jQuery. Again, however, this is done by only some people as not many internet users know of this method.

Firefox, the popular web browsing software has also been a victim to this problem which resulted in users searching the World Wide Web for solutions on detecting the Firefox private browsing by JavaScript. This may be because the private mode on the Firefox web browser tends to block certain things which may include rest calls to an API.

Private Browsing and Windows

Windows and private browsing has been discussed previously, however, it is always better to discuss more as Windows and private browsers have a lot of history and future together. Although the software industry of Windows has reached up to Windows 10, a very large number of users are still accustomed to the Windows 7 version.

Some of the best private browsers for Windows 7 may include, Tor, Brave, Pale Moon, Waterfox, Firefox and many more.

Getting to the end of this article, let us discuss the private browser meaning. Private browsing is not limited to your search history not being recorded, but it also includes cookies and other tracking devices not being able to detect your location, your search engine not selling off data for advertising and marketing purposes, being able to access all kinds of websites (both banned and not banned) and, having an extra layer of security to make it extremely hard, if not impossible, for hackers or third-parties to access any kind of personal data and information of the internet user.