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If your computer is slower than usual, it may be the fault of your browser …

If you constantly use your internet browser (especially Chrome), you will probably notice that the more tabs you open, the slower your machine gets. Each open tab consumes resources from your processor.
There are ways to pause unused tabs, such as The Great Suspender, but these are extensions that can cause other issues, even at the security level. Continue reading

How To Change Your VPN Location

How to change VPN country

Tip: How To Change The Country of Your VPN

Want to change your VPN location? First, click on the ninja icon in the upper right-hand corner. Then, click on your current VPN location (the flag).

You will now see all the available VPNs, beginning with the most recommended. From there, you can choose any location on the grid.


Protect your data online with UR. Learn more about our free privacy features.

Rate A Website In Two Clicks


Shield – Rate a website and contribute to the community

Click on the shield icon in the upper right-hand corner to rate a site and see its current rating. It’s just like traffic lights!

  • Green = you find this site safe
  • Orange = you would proceed with caution on this site
  • Red = you find this site suspicious

The more users that rate websites, the safer we all are, and the bigger the community becomes!


UR is a web browser created specifically to keep your online data private and safe. Learn more about our security features.

AdControl: How Many Ads Have I Blocked?

AdControl - ad blocker

If you are curious how many ads you’re blocking, click on the ‘ADS’ icon in the upper right-hand corner. Here, you will see how many ads you are blocking on a page, as well as the total number of ads you have blocked.

Shield: Look For the Colors to Stay Safe

With Shield, use the colors to protect you while you browse!

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