Beta 51.1.2704.52


  • Updated UI: minimalist theme, easier to navigate
  • Sidebar replaced with buttons in upper right corner
  • News widget redesigned—now with infinite scrolling!
  • Customization widget now lets you change wallpapers without going to the full catalog


  • UR News page is now live—the news widget on the Homescreen pulls stories from here. All news agencies have been screened, and the news only comes from reputable sources (BBC, Agence France Presse, Reuters and more).


  • Qwant is now the default search engine—another company that respects user privacy!


  • You can now see where your downloads are located – simply click on the folder icon.

+ Lots of bug fixes

UR should roll out the beta updates automatically, but if you want to be sure to have it, uninstall your current version and go to the website to re-download the beta.

Got a problem? Contact us in our beta tester group, on our Facebook page or on Twitter.